STANDS: Sunday, July 14, 2019: We are closed. Tom and Diane Peart would like to thank-you for your business this year and over the last 37 years. We are retiring. We have enjoyed growing strawberries and providing you with them for 37 years. Thanks to all of our wonderful pickers and all the people who helped Tom pick up flats of berries in the field over the years. And a huge thank-you to the people who took care of the stands over the years: Jean, Linda, Jill, Vanessa, Melanie, Jennifer and others. And to our children, Janice and Wayne who helped wherever needed. And again thank-you to all of you - our customers. Thank-you for your support!

If it is RAINING at any time, please call ahead to determine if we are open.

Pick Your Own Sunday July 14, 2019: We are now closed for the season. Tom and Diane are retiring from producing strawberries. Thanks for your support over the last 37 years. It has been great meeting so many wonderful people. And we have enjoyed growing strawberries. We will miss it, but it is time to retire. A huge thank-you to those people who looked after the pick your own field: Brenda and Janice (who passed away a few years ago). They were there rain or shine. Again, thanks to all of you our customers who came to pick. THANKS!!!

Please check our website for updates or call our number: 905-765-2027. The strawberry field is located in the field at 3966 River Road. You will see the Peart Strawberry sign at the end of the driveway.

Have a Great Day!

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