STANDS: 2017: Friday, June 30: We are closed for the season. The rain in the last couple of days has made them too soft to sell. We want to thank you for your support this year. We again apologize for the very limited amount of strawberries that we have had this year. Between the grubs eating the roots of the plants in the one field, and flooding in the other field, there have not been many berries to pick. We do appreciate your understanding, and look forward to seeing you next year. The new field looks wonderful.

If it is RAINING at any time, please call ahead to determine if we are open.

Pick your own2017: Unfortunately this year, there are not enough berries to have pick your own. Never in our 35 years of business has this happened before. But due to grubs eating roots of our plants, with no way to control this, a significant part of our field was lost. And our other field had flooding, killing about 1/2 acre of plants. Next year's new field of berries, looks very good. So we hope to see you back next year. We are very sorry. Periodically if the berries do get ahead of us, we may open for short times.

Please check our website for updates or call our number: 905-765-2027. The strawberry field is located in the field at 3966 River Road. You will see the Peart Strawberry sign at the end of the driveway.

Have a Great Day!

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